Interdisciplinary Institute for Advanced Training of Specialists


Olshantseva Tetiana Olehivna

Deputy Director


Soroka Svitlana Ivanivna

Methodologist of the I Category


Hrytsenko Volodymyr Leonidovych

Chief Specialist on organization of Reserve Officers’ training
PhD in History, Associate Professor


Stelnik Natalia Mykolaivna

Laboratories Manager

Inter-branch Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Specialists (IIATRS) is the subdivision of HEE of Ukoopspilka “Poltava University of Economics and Trade”.

IIATRS provides retraining and advanced training of personnel on a contract basis with physical and legal entities of all forms of ownership. The Institute has a perfect training base. The latest interactive and computer learning technology are widely used.

The Institute provides educational services (second higher education) for individuals who have a diploma of higher education, and trains professionals according to the qualification level of Specialist.

Majors: International Economics, Finance and Credit, Accounting and Audit, Economics of Enterprise, Marketing, Management and Administration, Personnel Management and Labor Economics.