International cooperation

International Scientific Educational Center

One of the important directions of effective development of Higher Educational Institution of Ukoopspilka “Poltava University of Economics and Trade” (PUET) is international cooperation.

The main goal of activity of International Scientific Educational Center (ISEC) of PUET is forming positive international image of the university, support and development of foreign relations in educational, scientific, social and cultural spheres.

The main tasks of ISEC staff are the following:

  • development of effective mutually beneficial partnership relations with higher educational institutions, scientific, cultural and other agencies, business structures of foreign countries;
  • participation in international projects and programs;
  • conduct of international scientific practical conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions, round tables in the university;
  • selection and sending of lecturers, postgraduates and students of the university for studies, internship and experience exchange abroad;
  • invitation of foreign experts to give lectures, provide scientific advices,  "master classes" to the university. 


1. Turkey:

  • hotel chain “Papillon Group Hotels” (Belek),
  • “Gloria Hotels” (Belek),
  • “Ela Quality Resort Hotel” (Belek),
  • “Calista Luxury Resort” (Belek),
  • “Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa” (Belek);
  • “Concorde de Luxe Resort” (Belek).

2. Greece:

  • Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia Serres;
  • hotel and restaurant complexes.

3. Montenegro:

  • Hotel Education Center – HEC College of Montenegro (Budva),
  • “Splendid Hotel” (Budva)

4. Russia:

  • canning production complex PJSC «Konprok» (Belgorod).

5. Azerbaijan:

  • Baku Slavic University,
  • hotel and restaurant complexes (Baku).

6. Poland:

  • Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow Academy (Krakow),
  • Academy of hotel business and catering industry (Poznan),
  • restaurant “Beverly Hills” (Poznan),
  • hotel and restaurant complex “Villa Sandra” (Bolislavov),
  • hotel and restaurant complex "The Wasowo Palace" (Wasowo).

7. Belgium:

  • High School of Province Hainaut Condorcet (Saint-Ghislain),
  • Hospitality school of Lyceum of technical education of Province Hainaut (Saint-Ghislain).

7. USA:

  • summer internship program Work & Travel USA.

8. Germany:

  • hotel and restaurant complexes within program ZAV 2 — Hotel & Restaurant,
  • Institut f?r Sprachen (Kassel).

9. China:

  • Anhui University (Anhui).


  1. Cooperation on the project TEMPUS MODEP (PROGRAMME TEMPUS 144920 - TEMPUS - 2008 - FR.JPCR) "Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Study" (Coordinator - University of Auvergne (France), funding - European Union).
  2. Cooperation on the project TEMPUS ECOMMIS Plus "Two cycle E-Commerce curricula to serve Information Society in RU, UA, IL" (coordinator - Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), funding – European Union)
  3. Cooperation on the Eurasian project "Program of Development of Kazakhstan 's transport infrastructure , which will speed the flow of cargo from China and Central Asian countries to the European Union" (Federal Republic of Germany, funding - European Union).
  4. Cooperation on the project of the United Nations Development Programme and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic "Support to Baku tourism vocational school" (Coordinator - UNDP, financing - UNDP).
  5. Cooperation on the project TEMPUS UNIVIA (543893 -TEMPUS- 1 -2013-1-AZ-TEMPUS-SMGR) "Development and improvement of University Administration on International Affairs" (coordinator - Azerbaijan State Economic University (Republic of Azerbaijan), funding - European Union).
  6. Cooperation on the project " Europe on the Move: the Great War and its Refugees, 1914-1918" (coordinator - University of Manchester (UK), financing - British Academy of Sciences).
  7. Cooperation on the project TEMPUS ELITE "Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging" (coordinator - Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) funding - European Union).