The campus is a set of 9-storey dormitories № 1, 2, 3, and 4 with the territory on which they are located in Poltava, 3a, 5, Koval st. The Regulations of the PUET’s hostel were approved by the Rector’s order of 28.01.2008, which determine the way of getting a dwelling place in the university’s dormitories, living conditions, and Internal Rules.

The PUET’s student dormitories are intended for residence of non-resident and foreign students studying at the university, and of students from among orphans and children deprived of parental care in the case of absence of their other habitation.

The section type hostels with all facilities are intended for common residence on the bases of self-service and self-government depending on the conditions and cost of living, which are determined by the administration of the university and agreed with the student self-government (the Council of PUET students and postgraduates) and the Trade Union of PUET students and postgraduates. The directorate manages the campus with the assistance of the university administration and the student self-government.

About 2,000 students can live in the university’s dormitories.

The "Olympia" sports complex, a basketball court, a football field, and an outdoor fitness area that enable students to go in for sports at their leisure are on the territory of the campus.

The “Yunist” caf? and the student canteen, which serve delicious, are at the students’ disposal.