Scientific Schools

The university formed and operate schools:

Name of department
Name Scientific School
Head of research schools


Philosophy and politics

Development of local history in Ukraine (the second half of XIX - early. Twentieth century.)

Doctor of Science
prof. Oleksiy Nestulya


Economic cybernetics

Formation mechanisms for the efficient operation of enterprises, development strategies and modeling

Doctor of Economics 
prof. Mykola Rogoza


Economic theory and applied economics

The theory of economic and political change

Doctor of Economics 
prof. Sergiy Nikolenko


Economic theory and applied economics

Problems of international co-operative movement

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Panteleymonenko


Business administration and management of foreign economic activities

Logistic management of industrial and commercial activities of enterprises

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Vasyl Perebyinis



Marketing activity on the market of goods and services

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Nataliya Karpenko


Accounting and auditing

Problems improve accounting activities in the areas of consumer cooperatives

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Yustyna Veryga


Accounting and auditing

Reform of accounting and reporting in Ukraine in accordance with international standards

Ph.D. in Economics
Gubachova O.M.


Accounting and auditing

Problems of management accounting in Ukraine

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Olga Karpenko


Financial policy, monetary circulation, and credit

Financial leverage to ensure the strategic development of economy of Ukraine and its regions

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Olena Cherniavska


Commerce activities and entrepreneurship

Lssues of trade and technology

Doctor of Economics 
prof. Petro Balaban


Commerce activities and entrepreneurship

Commercial enterprise Marketing

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Yurko Igor


Enterprise economics

Organizational and economic aspects of the national market of Ukraine

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Olexandr Berezin


Technological equipment for food production and commerce

Advanced Processes and devices of food manufactures

Candidate of Science
prof. Dorokhin V.


Pedagogy, culture and history

Design of teaching in higher education

Doctor of Pedagogy prof. Viktor Strelnikov


Ukrainian and foreign languages

Antonyms of Ukrainian poetic language: structural and semantic, functional and stylistic aspects and lexicographic

Doctor of Philology
Nadiya Bobukh


Lnterdisciplinary Institute training and retraining of specialists

The marketing strategy of promoting banking services

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Britchenko Igor


Mathematical modeling and social informatics

Euclidean combinatorial optimization

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics prof.
Oleg Yemets



Management of Socio-Economic Systems

Candidate of Technical Sciences prof. Lyudmyla Shymanovska-Dianych


Document management and information activities in economic systems

Structural changes in the economy and education influenced by information and communication technologies

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Marianna Makarova


Hotel, restaurant and resort industry

Advanced technologies of food using natural methods of processing raw

Doctor of Technical Sciences
prof. Tatiana Kaplina


Commodity research of foodstuffs

Problems of quality agricultural commodities and food products at present

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Gabriella Birta


Expertise and customs

Examination of goods: theoretical and practical aspects

Candidate of Technical Sciences Omelchenko N.; Candidate of Economic Sciences Polishchuk L.


Commodity research of non-foods

Commodity lighting products and new directions svitlotehnolohiy

Doctor of Technical prof. Grygoriy Kozhushko


International economics

Cooperatives, credit unions and cooperative banks in the world economy

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Goncharenko V.V.


Міжнародної економіки

Intellectual global development and international scientific and technical exchanges

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Olga Shkurupiy


General engineering disciplines

Advanced technology of natural food ingredients with desired properties and prospects for their use

Doctor of Technical
Dubova G.


Human resource management and labor economics

Human Resource Management

Doctor of Economics 

prof. Kostyshina Tatiana




Doctor of Jurisprudence. Galyna Lavryk

Scientific Schools PUET generate new knowledge and new technologies. In order to implement the production and commercialization of scientific and technological development, scientific and organizational department developed a catalog of completed research development for the period from 2008 to 2013.

Research work of students


Yarish Olena

Ph.D. in Economics Associate Professor of Finance, Head of scientific and methodological section "Organization of research students' scientific-methodical council of the university


Fractions Lyudmila

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics Company, Head of research students in the Faculty of Economics and Management


Hwang Antonina

Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Foreign Language, Head of research students in the Faculty of Finance and Accounting


Misiukevych Valentyna Ivanivbna

Candidate of Economics, Aassociate Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship Chair, Head of student’ research in the Faculty of Merchandise, Trade and Marketing


Sutkovych Tatiana Yulianivna

Ph.D., assistant professor of food production technologies and restaurants, head of research students in the Faculty of food technology, hotel and restaurant and tourism business

Research work carried out by students at the university in the process of learning (for timetable) and in non-classroom time - in the process of creative self-employment.

The purpose of this activity are:

  • formation of a scientific world view,
  • promote personal professional development;
  • development of creative thinking and individual capacities;
  • the skills of independent research work;
  • attract talented youth to the research work of the department;
  • creation and development of creative groups, scientific schools, education and training of young scientists.

Each student for study at university has several course and graduation work , which has the ability to illustrate the ability to use research tools for setting and disclosing the specific problems of the theory and practice of management problem solving particular company. The works , which are essential elements of scientific novelty , are recommended to participate in competitions at other universities .

Continues for selection of full-time students of higher educational institution Ukoopspilka " Poltava University of Economics and Trade " to participate in the scholarship program of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation "Zavtra.UA ."

Applicants will be considered for the scientific work of students under the decision of the tender committee of the University meet the requirements for content and presentation. Entries and documents specified by the contest rules list should be submitted to the scientific and organizational department (room 432) to 10.01.2012 year.

Details of the conditions of the contest - 2012 /13 , the requirements for contest entries and enrollment form located in the folders of network : eldok-vpond-in- contest and COMMON - Scientific and Organizing Information Division - 2012.

Postgraduate and doctoral studies


Dzeverina Karina S.

head. Doctoral studies

Postgraduate and doctoral studies

Poltava University of Economics and Trade announces the Call for the doctorate at a distance from the production of the field: 

  • 08.00.01 Economics and History of Economic Thought 
  • 08.00.03 Economics and Management of National Economy 
  • 08.00.04 Economics and management (trade and services)

Graduate from a distance and on the job in the field: 

  • 08.00.01 Economics and History of Economic Thought 
  • 08.00.03 Economics and Management of National Economy 
  • 08.00.04 Economics and management (by sector) 
  • 01.05.01 Theoretical Foundations of Informatics and Cybernetics 
  • 08.00.07 demography, labor economics, social economics and politics 
  • 08.00.11 Mathematical Methods, Models and Information Technologies in Economics 
  • 13.00.04 Theory and Methods of Professional Education

Prior to graduate school on a competitive basis adopted individuals who have a college degree and a master's degree.

Training in graduate school at the expense of businesses and individuals on a contract for work in the public and private sectors of the economy, and foreigners on the basis of agreements concluded by the University of corporations and individuals that provide reimbursement for their preparation.

Applicants to graduate school exams, specialty, philosophy and a foreign language (English, German, French) in the curriculum for universities IV level of accreditation.

Applicants who at the time of admission to graduate school passed all or some candidate tests are exempt from the relevant exams to graduate school and enrolled them assess candidate tests.

Decisions on admission to the exams to graduate school selection committee is made upon consideration of abstract and presented scientific papers based on the conclusion of the alleged supervisor.

The term post-graduate studies: 3 years job, 4 years on the job.

Deadline for submission of documents: from May 15 to September 15 each year.

Entrance examinations: October (for a month).

Admission : Nov. 1.

Research Center "independent examination"


The main factor in improving the competitiveness of educational services institution of higher education is an organic combination of theoretical training for the use of the acquired knowledge into practice. It is for this area of educational activities PUET functioning research center "independent examination" (sic) of the Department of Examination and customs PUET, as part of research carried out by self-financing topics of expertise.

Principles of SIC "independent examination"

  • integration into a single system of intellectual capacity, information and logistical;
  • directing emphasis on the combination of theoretical and practical training;
  • creating conditions for the development of research abilities of gifted youth (bachelors, specialists and masters candidates, graduate students);
  • greater cooperation and ensure mutually beneficial relationships with partners University;
  • focus on meeting the needs of customers, consumers and society as a whole;
  • involvement of the NDC in the whole intellectual potential of the university;
  • introduction of innovative information technology education and research.


  • conditions for the preparation of highly competitive professionals in the labor market; 
  • approaching the maximum theoretical training to practice specialists; 
  • ensure an adequate level of research on Tovarovednaya-commercial department; 
  • creation of conditions for experimental research masters, applicants, graduate students.

Research Center for Economic Research (NDTSED)

Nicolenko Sergei Stepanovich - head center, PhD, professor, executive editor of "Scientific Bulletin Start" series "Economics", head of the department of economics. 

The main directions of scientific activity NDTSED are:
  • conduct basic and applied research in economics, marketing, business;
  • preparation of monographic literature, textbooks economic direction of the light of modern advances economic science;
  • development of collaboration with research institutions, universities, and organizations outside the higher education system for solving complex scientific problems, implementation of research and development in the learning process and production.

The main objectives NDTSED are:

  • of theoretical and experimental research on approved distressed areas; 
  • provide appropriate assistance for departments work with scientific developments, prepared by the Centre in the next implementation of the educational process.

NDTSED The objectives are:

  • fundamental and applied scientific research in economics research areas identified by the scientific schools graduating department of economic profile, as well as to order of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine;
  • coordination of research departments of economics, the active use of the university for the improvement of basic and applied research in the field of economy, implementation of the results of the learning process and production;
  • monitoring the development of scientific schools in the field of economics, coordination of fundamental and applied researches of Ukraine economic problems and the system of consumer cooperatives and the national cooperative movement;
  • monitoring and coordination of research activities postgraduate students start and approval of the reports;
  • examination of theses economic fields and discuss them on interdepartmental seminars;
  • creation of a data bank of promising research areas of modern economic theory and practice;
  • provide training to the periodic publication of the proceedings of the University "Scientific Bulletin Start" series "Economics", monographs, textbooks in accordance with economic issues.

Scientific and technical center of Poltava University of Economics and Trade

Scientific and technical center of Poltava University of Consumer Cooperatives in Ukraine (PUET SEC) was established pursuant to the Resolution of the Academic Council PUET on June 27, 2007 

The main goal of the SEC is PUET:

  • conduct research and design-engineering works; 
  • enhance scientific and technological level and qualifications of the teaching staff PUET; 
  • involvement in the research work of students, masters and doctoral students.

The main directions of scientific and technical activity SEC PUET:

  • research in the field of technical regulations regarding lighting products;
  • harmonization of national standards for lighting products of European and international;
  • revision of existing international standards in Ukraine in lighting products and lighting;
  • research and development of ultraviolet and infrared radiation sources and installations photophysical, photochemical and photobiological action, including installations of air and water disinfection by ultraviolet radiation;
  • development of technical regulations relating to the field of engineering;
  • development and implementation of energy efficient technologies in lighting technology;
  • research and development in the field of materials , lighting and metrology;
  • perform work related to monitoring and justification emissions of harmful substances entities;
  • research in the field of commodity electrical goods and so on.

Over 2.5 years of the SEC developed 17 state standards of Ukraine harmonized with international and European standards , with 7 research projects commissioned by industry, has published more than 30 scientific papers. The total amount of work performed is more than 300 thousand.

During the period 2007-2009 gg SEC PUET performed the following activities:

1) developed 17 state standards of Ukraine harmonized with international and European standards in the framework of the national standardization of contracts

" The harmonization of national standards with international and European " № 515 from 26.01.2007; № 609 from 18.09.2007; № 717 of 26.08.2008 № 945 from 25.09.2009 , the "Development Program of revision in Ukraine interstate standards ( GOST ) developed by 1992 and bring them into conformity with the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade "(code " View ") № 2331-13-08 from 20.05.2008 year.

Poltava Regional Center for Research and Promotion of Cooperation (PRTSDSRK)


To facilitate research on cooperative subjects and practical application of the results obtained by scientists in the course of studying the problems of domestic and international cooperative movement in Poltava University of Economics and Trade September 1, 2009 began its activity Poltava Regional Center for Research and Promotion of Cooperation (PRTSDSRK).

He was appointed director of the doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of department of currency and credit PUET Panteleymonenka Andrei Alekseevich.

The main objectives PRTSDSRK are:

  • effective use of scientific potential PUET scientists and other universities in the region to organize research problems of national and international cooperative movement;
  • organizing and conducting fundamental and applied research and development services aimed at implementing the priority areas of science and development of the national economy through the cooperation of the population, improving the welfare of citizens of Ukraine;
  • increasing the quality of training through active use in the educational process of scientific research on cooperative subjects, the involvement of students in their execution of the scientific school of the problems of cooperation;
  • Scientists involved in solving social and economic problems through proposals for national, international, sectoral, inter-sectoral, regional and interuniversity research programs;
  • expert evaluation of theses, review books, items to be cooperative issues;
  • development of mutually beneficial international relations research on the development of the cooperative movement;
  • joint research projects in conservation and protection of national priorities, the international exchange of scientific and practical information, technology, joint publication of scientific articles, books, exhibitions, fairs, etc., which are cooperative subjects;
  • training and participation in international technical assistance for the development of the cooperative movement in Ukraine;
  • scientific- methodical, scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, presentations of round table discussions on cooperative subjects;
  • involvement in research and practice cooperative activities of talented students to participate in university, national and international student competitions, contests, exhibitions, etc.;
  • preparation and dissemination of propaganda material for the development of the cooperative movement and activities among the general public PRTSDRK citizens of Ukraine;
  • promotion of cooperative knowledge in other schools, including secondary schools;
  • collaboration with all stakeholders in cooperative distributed knowledge and experience of individuals and organizations (cooperative organizations, extension services, farmers' unions and associations, landowners and land users, businesses, etc.);
  • foundation of scientific research club cooperative movement involving leading scientists of Ukraine and foreign countries.

We invite all interested parties to cooperate!

Industry Research Laboratory of food production (HNDLHV)

Aims and objectives

  • creating the necessary conditions for the scientific schools of the Faculty of Food Technology departments, hotel and restaurant and tourism business and the Faculty of merchandise trade and marketing;
  • participate in the development plans of experimental studies;
  • development and production of experimental units;
  • assistance in conducting experimental studies student educational qualification of "bachelor" and "master " teachers, graduates, job seekers and students within departmental and interdepartmental research projects and research work of students.

State laboratory


Skrypnyk Vyacheslav

Head, Ph.D., assistant professor of technological equipment for food production and trade


Dubova Galina E.

Researcher, Ph.D., assistant professor of hotel and restaurant and tourism business


Natalia V. Ivchenko



Yelnikov Drobin

Design Engineer (Electrical Engineering) Category 1

Operating Principles

  • integration into a single system of intellectual capacity of teachers and students;
  • directing emphasis on the combination of theoretical and practical training of students;
  • creating conditions for the development of research abilities of gifted young people (students, job seekers and graduate);
  • greater cooperation and ensure mutually beneficial relationships with partners University;
  • focus on meeting the needs of customers, consumers and society as a whole;
  • involvement in the work of the entire intellectual capacity HNDLHV University;
  • introduction of innovative information technology research.



Production test


Spend tion of tastings


Areas of research

"Investigation of the factors influencing the intensification of liquid-phase processes in the processing of food materials. Development of requirements for the design of devices"(supervisor: PhD. Oberemok VM);


"Technology for natural food ingredients with desired properties and prospects for their use" (supervisor: PhD. Oak GE);


"Development Process and apparatus for frying meat thermobaric using electroosmosis" (supervisor: PhD. Skrypnyk VA);


"Research on the effectiveness of the drying process of food raw materials mixed enerhopidvodom. Development of requirements for the design of devices" (supervisor: doc., Ph.D. Bychkov YM);


"Investigation of bactericidal effect of ultraviolet radiation in restaurant management" (supervisor: Assoc. Boroday AB);


"Improvement of the meat food products by using natural methods" (supervisor: PhD. Sutkovych TU).


Testing Research Results

In order to intensify research activities of teachers and students of the university and engaging experience related universities in developing new technologies and equipment for food production annually at the industrial research laboratory food production PUET held interuniversity scientific-practical seminar "New technologies and equipment for food industry". The duration of a session - one day. Dates: March-May.